This page shows how to cross-compile bash for AT&T UnixPC. A pre-compiled binary is also available.

Bash is desirable for interactive use, for its commandline editing facilities. But not so much for configure scripts, due to its memory requirements that are higher than dash's.

To cross-compile bash, you need:

Once you have downloaded these, build and install the cross compiler (if not yet done), and then follow the below instructions:

tar xzvf bash-2.05b.tar.gz
mv bash-2.05b unixpc-bash
cd unixpc-bash
patch -p1 -s <../bash.diff
cd ..
mkdir compile-bash
cd compile-bash
../unixpc-bash/configure --host unixpc --with-bash-malloc=no CC=/opt/unixpc/bin/unixpc-gcc RANLIB=/opt/unixpc/bin/unixpc-ranlib ac_cv_header_sys_wait_h=0 bash_cv_must_reinstall_sighandlers=yes
touch builtins/psize.aux
echo "#define PIPESIZE 10240" >builtins/pipesize.h

To link bash with the shared library, add CFLAGS="-shlib -O3 -Os -fomit-frame-pointer" to the configure command line.

The compiled binary will be found in bash, you can transfer it to the UnixPC using kermit over the serial line, or using mtools.